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Range Status Update: August 4, 2017
New Hours effective August 15, 2017: The range will be closed Tues, Wed & Thurs until further notice.

Greetings and Welcome

Thank you for your interest in the Coyne Park Rifle and Pistol Range. Coyne Park Range is a modern indoor shooting range conveniently located in Yonkers, New York. This is a public range welcoming all recreational shooters and law enforcement personnel. (1) Take a few moments to visit our site and learn all about our range and the services we offer.

More than 27 million Americans safely participate in the fun and challenging sport of target shooting. This is a sport that can vary from a leisurely hobby to competing in local and national leagues, or just competing with yourself. If you haven’t yet taken the initial step, come join us, and see what you’ve been missing. If you’re not sure how to get started please click here. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing this rewarding experience.

Our range accommodates all handgun calibers,(2) as well as .22 caliber rifles, and carbine rifles chambered for standard handgun ammunition (no magnum rounds permitted for any firearms).


Please click here for more details regarding rifle rental.

Note that you must provide your own licensed handgun(s)
because per NY State Law we can not rent handguns.

We do not sell firearms of any kind.

1. The Coyne Park Rifle and Pistol Range is owned and operated by the City of Yonkers, Department of Parks, Recreation, and Conservation, whose website can be found here.

2. New York State Law: New York State, New York City handgun licenses or LE only. You cannot bring to or shoot a handgun at our range with a license from any other state or jurisdiction.

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