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Gun Related and Government Website Links

Listed below are links to some gun related and government websites that you may find of interest. Disclaimer: Please recognize that (a) this listing should in no way be interpreted to imply endorsement, nor lack of endorsement, of those listed or those not listed, (b) this information is provided strictly for the convenience of our members and visitors to our website, (c) we are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of the websites listed, and (d) we make no representation as to the accuracy of the information contained at these listed sites.

For your convenience we also provide a link to the Westchester County Clerk’s Office (the county in which our range is located). This is the office that processes Pistol License applications, amendments, and re-certifications for residents of Westchester County. We have found the staff to be very helpful in answering questions concerning this process.

In response to those who live in adjoining localities, and who have expressed interest in obtaining a pistol license in order to use a handgun at our range, we have provided, for your convenience, a link to the NYC Police Department License Division, the Putnam County Sheriff’ss Department, the Rockland County Clerk’s Pistol License Information page, the Nassau County Police Department’s Pistol License Information page, and the Suffolk County Police Department Pistol License Bureau’s page.

image Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)
    (U.S. Department of Justice)

image Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide 2005 (Revised - 9/05)
    (Provided by ATF)

image Federal and State Gun Laws*
    (Provided by NRA/ILA)

image Federal and State Gun Laws and Regulations
    (Provided by Handgunlaw.us)

image Firearms Safety and Education
    (Provided by NSSF)

image Law Enforcement Alliance of America

image National Rifle Association*

image National Reloading Manufacturers Association

image National Shooting Sports Foundation*

image Nassau County Police Department – Pistol License Information

image New York City Police Department – Licensing Information

image New York State Rifle & Pistol Association*

image Putnam County Sheriff’s Department – Pistol License Application
    (There is a link on this page to the Pistol License application)

image Rockland County Clerk – Pistol License Information

image Second Amendment Foundation

image State Assault Weapons Ban Statutes
    (Provided by NSSF)

image State Laws and Published Ordinances – Firearms (2005 - 26th Edition)
    (Provided by ATF)

image Suffolk County Police Department – Pistol License Bureau

image Transporting Firearms and Ammunition Aboard Commercial Air Carriers
    (U.S. Transportation Security Administration Public Education Fact Sheet)

image USA Shooting
    (National Governing Body for Olympic Shooting Sports)

image Westchester County Clerk – Pistol License Information

image In addition to the above, there are two web pages at the NRA-ILA website you may find of interest.

The first web page contains a listing of:

  • "Active National Pro-Firearms Organizations"

The second web page provides a listing of:

  • "National Organizations With Anti-Gun Policies"
  • "Anti-Gun Individuals & Celebrities"
  • "Anti-Gun Corporations/Corporate Heads"
  • "Publication and Media Outlets . . . that have assisted in the attack on Second Amendment rights."

Please note that the disclaimer in the opening paragraph above applies here as well. Moreover, it clearly is your prerogative whether you desire to support or not support those listed, and we provide these links strictly for your convenience.

The link to the first web page is here.

The link to the second web page is here.


* Website provides a free e-mail subscription service to help you keep abreast of timely gun related issues, often including pending legislation that may, in your opinion, require your immediate attention and action.

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